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COMFORT 1QXLW+ Sewing machine and overlocker table

COMFORT 1QXLW+ Sewing machine and overlocker table

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COMFORT 1QXLW+ sewing and overlocker table ( with additional work area)

 This table has air-lifter with capacity up to 20kg. The table is for large sewing machines and has storage space for big items’ such as embroidery module.



  • Stores both a sewing machine and an overlocker/serger
  • Storage space for embroidery module
  • Large flat area to cut out.You will be able to do the cutting in a standing position (table height is 840mm)
  • Working surface is supported by two vertical folding doors with stoppers that allow using force while cutting and ensure sturdy construction.


  • 3 step air lift system (with capacity 20kg) moves your sewing machine from storage(1) to flatbed(2) to free-arm position (3).

           (1) storage position


  • Insert for cutting can be used to increase working surface when sewing machine is in the storage position. Attention! The insert is not included in the table set and it is sold separately!

          (2) Flatbed position

  • We recommended to use sewing insert/sewing machine extension table/flatbed extension table to form flush sewing surface. It can  be made to fit your sewing machine! Please specify the model of your sewing machine when you make order. Attention! The insert is not included in the table set and it is sold separately!



      You can set machine to the right level by using adjustment screws.


Free-arm position (3)


         The insert can remain in place when you are not working and table’s top is folded.


  • Ability of storage places such as set of door trays, vertical niches for magazines and patters on the right side of air-lifter.

  • On the opposite side of the table there are 3 drawers for sewing accessories, sliding shelf with threads spindles for 56 boobins, shelf for overlocker storing and  storage space (690x870x205mm) for large accessories in the bottom part of the table.



In order to compensate the increased table height, we recommended to use adjiustable hobby chair.

  • Opened door gives support for the lid/working extension that is fixed by stopper. 


  • Fitted with lockable castors for easy movement from storage to working position
  • Measuring tape
  •  Locks for child safety when not in use.



Colour finishes available are Brown cassino ash, Oak medium-light , Beech  ellmau, Lakeland acaia light, Platinum white and Silver.


Flat-pack. Ready-to assemble  sewing furniture. Item supplied in pieces packed into flat box for assembly by buyer.  Step-by-step assembly manual/instruction included.

Lead time 60 days









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